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What Roy Moore’s Loss Means for the U.S.

Elizabeth Collins, Staff Writer

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The #MeToo movement shows how many women have experienced sexual assault in their lives.

Every vote counted in the close election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore.

Roy Moore is a judge from Alabama who has been accused multiple times of sexual misconduct towards a minor. Moore reportedly hit on several young girls, ranging from 14-18 years old. President Trump openly endorsed Moore despite the allegations. Many people took to Twitter to express disgust or support depending on how they view Moore. In the aftermath of the special election on Tuesday, December 12, Trump claimed that he knew Moore would never win.

Doug Jones, the opposing candidate, was the first Democrat senator elected in Alabama in 28 years. His campaign appealed to the black population, many females, and liberal whites. The victory marks a step, no matter how small, in a different direction for the state. A high percentage of white women voted against Jones, along with white men as well.

According to Moore’s official campaign website, multiple testimonies from women who support him try to promote a positive image of the candidate.

“I have known Roy Moore for about forty years,” said Jennie Klingenbeck, who lives in Birmingham, Alabama. “Roy and I briefly dated when I was in my twenties. While I was around Roy, either just the two of us or with other people, he was always a true gentleman treating me with respect and courtesy. I can honestly say that I never have seen or heard any inappropriate remarks or behaviors while he was around me. I believe that Roy lives by his Christian beliefs and is a good man.”

Also on the website: “I have known Roy for over 30 years,” said Kandi Kisor Smith, sister of Kayla Moore who is Roy’s wife. “I met him in 1984 when he met my sister in church and began dating her. He has always showed honor and dignity. I truly can’t even begin to grasp that people would question his character. He has lived by what he preached since the day I met him.”

Moore’s loss marks a step in a different direction, but the fact that he was still able to run made some people upset.

“It’s a good thing that he didn’t win,” said freshman Jenna Ouellette. “But they still let him run despite the accusations. Hopefully his loss marks the beginning of something new, and we can begin to elect more people who are deserving of the win.”

Despite her father’s endorsement to Moore, Ivanka Trump doesn’t support him. “There’s a special place in Hell for people who prey on children,” she said in an interview that Doug Jones used in an ad campaign against Roy Moore.

Moore’s loss signifies something big. The timing of this exciting election with the #MeToo movement trending on Twitter has brought massive attention to the issue of mistreatment of women by men in powerful positions in politics and entertainment.

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What Roy Moore’s Loss Means for the U.S.