ACE comes to PIHS


A.R Gould

Aroostook Career Exploration from AR Gould is now available to all PIHS students.

Ethan Dionne, Staff Writer

One January 10, A.R Gould Northern Light Health representative Goldie Ballerstein came to PIHS to present to all students about the Aroostook Career Exploration program.

The ACE program is for students who take an interest in medical careers, want certifications in CPR, First Aid, and gaining opportunities of job shadowing people and chances to attend wellness events. She showed a brief video presentation and gave the students the chance to sign up for this program. 

It was broken up into two groups, juniors and seniors, then freshmen and sophomores. “I think it is important for us to provide our students with as many career exploration opportunities as possible,” principal Dave Bartlett said. “This program will offer students who choose to participate, the chance to receive training and job shadow in a variety of health care fields. Currently, there are many career opportunities at Northern Light Health and this program will allow students to try them out and see if they are interested in pursuing them after high school.”

I also asked Aidan Gagnon ‘26 on his thoughts after the presentation, and he told me, “There were a lot of opportunities that could interest a lot of kids.”