The Anchor

  • May 27- Class Elections
  • May 20- Class Shirts/ Color/ Wildcat Pride
  • May 19- Decades Dress Up Day
  • May 18- Miss/Match Dress Up Day
  • May 17- Character Dress Up Day

Editorial Policies

The Anchor is a student-produced news website dedicated to bringing our readers the latest news from Presque Isle High School in Presque Isle, Maine. The Anchor is updated weekly during the school year.

Comments on online stories are encouraged and are posted after moderation in an effort to control spam and ensure adherence to Presque Isle High School community standards. Comments will not be published if they are off-topic, include profanity or are sexually explicit; make attacks on individuals or groups rather than focusing on their actions; make derogatory comments regarding gender or sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or other characteristic that can be classified as bullying, threatening or trolling; encourage illegal or immoral acts; are libelous; violate copyright or privacy protections. Posters must use their real names and provide a means of verification such as an email address (that will not be published).

The goal of the The Anchor is to have no errors; however, the goal is not easily accomplished. The staff will apologize for such errors and will run corrections when possible.

Once a story has been aired or posted on online platforms, it may not be removed or deleted.  An exception may be made in the case of a compelling journalistic reason, such as a violation of standard journalistic ethics (for example, the story is found to be libelous, slanderous, or may cause harm). Factual errors are not cause for deletion of a story, but will compel the staff to make corrections, and include an editor’s note to reflect the change from a previous version.