Staff Picks: Max Graves


Makayla White

Max candidly working on the Anchor.

Makayla White, Staff Writer

This week’s staff picks featured junior staff writer Max Graves. Max is also featured on the Anchor’s “Stay in the Lane.”

Max has been listening to all different kinds of music. From Taylor Swift to Led Zeppelin, Max has all of the genres covered on his Spotify. Most of all he has been “vining” with Coldplay. “If I’m home alone, I throw his music on and I dance a little,” he remarked.

Between skiing and attending various sporting events, he doesn’t have much time for TV,  but he said, “If I find something really good, I’ll sit down and finish it in just a few days.” We also spoke about our currently shared anticipation for the new season of “Outerbanks.”

Max ended our interview with a little mood booster, “Every night I listen to really loud rain sounds to sleep,” he added. “I really can’t sleep without it.”