Midterm week = notecard week

Astra Laughton , Staff Writer

Some classes allow students to use a notecard of information to assist on the midterm. This means it’s time to write a lot and write it tiny.

“I like having it because without it I would probably fail.”
-Aidan Gagnon ’26
“I think its a good idea because its super duper helpful.”
– Peyton McKinley ’26

“I like having it but I don’t like having to takes the notes myself.”
– Olivia Erickson ’26


“Yeah, I like it.”
– Theodore Donavan ’26


“I like it because it gives you a better advantage for the mid term.”
-McKayla Guerrette ’26


“I like having a note card because you don’t have to remember so much stuff”
-Mallory Cronin ’26


“I like it because it’s going to be way easier to do the test.”
-Madison Brazier  ’26