What is ‘Sunday best’ attire?


Astra Laughton

The dress on the left fits the look of ‘Sunday best,’ the recommended attire for the Valentine’s Dance on February 10. The dress on the right is more semi-formal.

Aubrey Peckham, Staff writer

The PIHS sophomore class is hosting a Valentine’s dance February 10, from 7pm to 11pm.  The dance will be hosted in the cafeteria for $5 a person and the dress attire is ‘Sunday best.’

Some students and staff are confused by what Sunday best means and what they should look forward to dressing up in. “I would think Sunday best is how people would dress up to go to church, but I don’t really know if that’s right or not,”  Kareena Byrd ’26 said.

Sophomore student council member Fiona Wu had some answers about the attire for the dance. “Sunday best is more casual than dressy, more like a casual dress/outfit,” Wu said. Addison Hafford ’25 added, “Not super dressy, but still enough to look formal. Nothing like homecoming or prom dresses or suits, just a simple and fun outfit.”

“We came up with this idea because we couldn’t have the dress code be semi-formal because of the Winter Carnival semi-formal,” Wu said. “We still wanted people to dress up for the dance even though it wasn’t the semi-formal dress code.”