Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” causing controversy 50 years after release


Makayla White

Original album sleeve for Dark Side of the Moon

Makayla White, Staff Writer

This year, Pink Floyd’s iconic concept album “Dark Side of the Moon” turns 50 years old. To celebrate the milestone, Pink Floyd has re-released the album in new box sets, including new merchandise, logos, etc. Amongst the happy fans, there are a few uneducated viewers causing a whirlwind of confusion regarding the rainbow logo.

As you may (or may not) know, the concept album’s cover is a prism with a light going through it, which causes a rainbow. This has always been the cover, yet some music fans are confusing David Gilmour’s new logo with your average pride flag.
Though some people are genuinely infuriated about this, one online user saying, “From this moment on, I don’t listen to this band.” Others have started making it a meme to retaliate against such homophobic comments.

“It was their logo before the pride movement even claimed the rainbow,” junior Josiah Kierstead said. “I mean what does that tell you?” Many fans are actually having the same response. The album was released in 1973 (with the rainbow on the cover) five years prior to Gilbert Baker’s creation of the rainbow pride flag in 1978.

Hopefully, Floyd fans can continue to celebrate this milestone for the band and the album and maybe educate others to do the same.