Aubrey Peckham

Students take a Kahoot! to practice for their midterms in Mrs. Madore’s room on January 25.

Aubrey Peckham, Staff writer

PIHS students will be taking their midterms the week of January 25-27 and also Monday, January 30. In some classes, students have exemptions from taking the midterms because of their semester grade being a 90 or above. 

Some students don’t mind the tests or have accepted them as a reality. They have planned and figured out ways they can study or prepare. “I use flashcards and study guides and just really go back and look through all my stuff in my binders,” Jaylee Howlett ’23 said. “I feel relieved this is my last set of midterms.”

Freshmen who are new to midterms are more nervous and not as used to these big tests yet. Talking to a few freshmen they have tried to find hacks that will help them do well on their first big test. “Honestly I’m pretty stressed,” Maddy Waugh ’26 said. “They seem like a lot all at once. I do appreciate the teachers and all of the study materials that they have given us and helped us with.” 

Faculty at PIHS are trying to help their students prepare for the midterms as much as possible and have given them many notes, flash cards and study guides. “The social studies department uses the 90 exemption policy,” social studies department chair Zack Powers aid. “What I do is after the second quarter is we go over a document based essay question as a class. They don’t actually have to write their responses unless they don’t qualify for the 90.”

Ultimately, it might be the stress before the test that is the larger struggle. “I think I’ll be fine when the actual day comes, thanks to the preparation provided by the teachers,” Waugh said.