Snow days meet school days


Aubrey Peckham

A typical remote snow day assignment gives students a chance to log learning time when the weather is too harsh to get to school.

Aubrey Peckham, Staff writer

PIHS students had a remote snow day on January 26. The idea of the day of school at your house is so that students don’t have to make up an extra day in June and get out on the scheduled date of June 16, rather than last year’s June 22, after additional days added on for snow days.

Students are not new to this idea of doing a school day at home, thanks to pandemic remote learning scenarios, but in terms of remote snow days, there are different opinions. “ I don’t know if I will like doing my work from home. I think I learn better at school with the teachers helping me,” Kareena Byrd ’26 said. “I also just like normal snow days.” Meanwhile, Kera Burby ’26 said, “I’m happy we get to do the work from home. It will be easier for me and I will have more fun doing my school work in bed.”

Teachers are also fond of the idea or the remote day and being able to have their students get out on summer break early. “I like having the option for a remote snow day because we can give work to students, provide meals, and not have to make it up in June,” math teacher Delaney Williams said.