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Four teachers share their insight into how the classroom environment has shifted during their careers.

Teachers’ perspectives

Our experts speak about how classroom learning and students have evolved

In recent years, teachers have experienced dramatic changes in their classrooms. I interviewed four teachers at PIHS to get the rundown of what teachers have been through over the last few years. Those teachers who have been teaching for more than ten years talked about how students and the culture of students has changed over the years.


Science teacher Dr. Guerrette talked about how his changes may not have been a yearly cultural change but a change in geography and how different students from different places act. Dr. Guerrette is an advanced scientist in his earlier years and knows how detrimental the effects of Covid had on students’ learning.


Mrs. Whitten-Smith, an art teacher at PIHS, believes that students are all the same, but don’t mistake it, her classroom is a place for all students to learn in a safe environment, stress free. Although students are all good kids, she has seen lots of changes over the course of her 22 year career at the school.


Mr. Warren, a history teacher at PIHS, is just starting in the PIHS school district. He started during the COVID years, and says that students are resilient at getting through the tough times. He has been working in the Easton school district for the last 11 years, coaching and making significant differences in students’ lives.


The last person I interviewed was Mr. Hudson who teaches math and is a well-known teacher at PIHS. He has been teaching since the late nineties.  He tries to make the math curriculum a fun and exciting place instead of a boring environment filled with notes and few emotions. If you find yourself near his class you are respected and may hear a joke from outside the door.


Mr. Warren, Social Studies
Dr. Guerrette, Science
Mrs. Whitten-Smith, Art
Mr. Hudson, Math

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