The Punisher

A Review

The Punisher, a 13 episode Netflix Original show premiered November 17, 2017.


The Punisher, a 13 episode Netflix Original show premiered November 17, 2017.

Chris Michaud, Staff Writer

The Netflix series The Punisher takes a unique approach to the original Punisher construct, focusing instead on the psychology of veterans as a recurring theme throughout the show, instead of only a personal vendetta. This being said however, there is still a vendetta driving Frank Castle, a former special operations soldier out to avenge his family who were murdered in an attempt to cut loose ends and hide a covert operation that was highly illegal. This resulted in Frank becoming a vigilante trying to get back at the covert operation operatives that were involved in the murder of his family.

The show is slow at the the beginning, focusing on character development and plot development more than constant nonstop action. As part of the character development, veteran psychology was focused on through multiple episodes in which there are veteran circles where they discuss their experiences and how it impacts their lives. One veteran has severe PTSD and ends up becoming a terrorist in an attempt to reverse gun control laws and make politicians realize that quite a few veterans don’t agree with their laws. This obviously has the opposite effect and Frank Castle eventually stops him before he could kill the politician responsible for gun control laws.

The Punisher is a rather graphic series earning it an M rating, and it isn’t designed for the faint of heart. Steve Lightfoot, the creator and mastermind of the TV series recreates the original Marvel comic. Jon Bernthal portrays Frank Castle, the main character, and both the protagonist and antagonist of the show.

The show is overall well filmed and has a solid plot. The dragged out to stretch across thirteen episodes however, and some episodes were primarily slow and information packed. Once the combat scenes began it didn’t disappoint. They were artfully choreographed. The show could have been more compact with a lack of minor, unimportant details. However, it was entertaining and highlighted some deep themes and appealed to emotion. I would rate The Punisher 7.5 out of 10.