Ethan’s hot takes: classroom vibes

Ethan Dionne, Staff Writer

The experience of walking into your first class on the first day of school may be described as surreal or even scary. I chose to review a classroom space for every subject. Those subjects being World Studies/History, Health, Math, English and Science. 

The first one is Mr. Malenfant’s Health classroom. This class almost gives a hospitable feel to it. It has music playing before class starts, and even has some pretty cool memorabilia on the walls. The class also has a lot of things on the wall if you’re zoning out and feel like reading something. Overall, I give this classroom a 10/10. The class overall gives more chill vibes.

Mr. Malenfant’s room. (Ethan Dionne)
Mr. Malenfant’s room. (Ethan Dionne)

Next up is Mrs. Powers’ English class. This class is more of a “get down to business” type of place, which is perfectly fine in my opinion. There’s a lot of Green Bay Packers stuff on the walls, as well. This class has a problem of the heater making noise that sounds like someone’s trying to break it, but overall, I’d say 8/10 just because of the heater trouble, which is no fault of Mrs. Powers’ of course.

Mrs. Powers’ room. (Ethan Dionne)
Mrs. Powers’ room. (Ethan Dionne)

The third class is Mr. Warren’s World Studies classroom. This class has a lot of history stuff, types of government and different types of maps all on the walls. Speaking of walls, you can’t forget about the joke in Mr. Warren’s period 5 class about being in the walls, which I’m pretty sure that Mr. Warren has embraced the joke. This class gives sort of neutral vibes to it, more of a combo of Mr. Malenfant’s and Mrs. Powers’ class vibe. Overall, 9/10.

Mr. Warren’s room. With Mr. Warren preparing for chess practice. (Ethan Dionne)

The next class is Mrs. Gardner’s Math classroom. Her class is a Red Sox hotspot, so if you like the Red Sox, then this is a good class for you. It also has a giant sudoku board that the class can contribute to, each person getting two numbers a day. This class seems very active and bright which can always be nice if you need to wake up. Overall, 9/10.

Mrs. Gardner’s room. (Ethan Dionne)

The final class is Mrs. Bernard’s Science classroom. This class is a big one because it also doubles as a lab. The normal part of the class is pretty average for a class, but the real part is in the science lab. The lab has lots of stuff, and I think it’s pretty cool. Overall, 8/10.

Mrs. Bernard’s room. (Ethan Dionne)

In conclusion, the best classroom would be a combination of all five of these types of classrooms. A big room like Mrs. Bernard’s, a theme like Mrs. Powers and Mrs. Gardner’s, music playing like Mr. Malenfant’s and an ongoing joke like in Mr. Warren’s. If I had to choose from all of these, it would probably be Mr. Malenfant’s – the class is warm and it has music.