Student sections of the year

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  • Grant Stubbs ’24 catches popcorn in his camo.

  • Presque Isle student section poses during frat night.

  • Bella Quirino ’23 and Cody Michaud pose for a photo.

  • Max Graves ’24 and the PIHS student body goes crazy with their Wild West theme.

  • Gavin Tawfall ’23 leads the student section in the classic roller coaster.

  • The day purple reigned. This was a sad yet positive day for the PIHS student section but they never failed to support.

  • Alyssa Blade ’26 and Summer Sponberg during Frat night in the PIHS student section.

  • Mahra Clark ’24 and Karlyn Gilmour ’24 pose for a photo in their cowgirl hats.

  • The PIHS student section on frat night in hopes that the next shot will fall.

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Lane Carmichael, Staff writer