Being a leader


Julie Gardner

All members of NHS at state convention representing our PIHS chapter. This is the first year since 2019 that the convention was held in person.

Lane Carmichael, Staff Writer

On Monday March 13, the National Honors Society attended their first in-person state convention since 2019 in Brewer. Having an opportunity for traveling again was a reminder of the benefit of in-person events. “One of the things that Covid has taught us is that people need people and being face to face to support one another, it’s helpful to realize the similarities between people,” NHS adviser Julie Gardner said.

This year’s theme was, if you see something, say something. “We need to be ok with talking about mental health concerns when we feel it ourselves,” Gardner said.  “If we can’t notice it within ourselves, but we notice it within others, we need to be able to talk with others about it to keep everyone safe,” added Gardner.

Each year the NHS state executive board chooses an organization to support. “Food and security” was the focus this year, and NHS chapters have done multiple food drives to help those in need. The NHS has a lot to do with leadership. “Everyone has leadership potential within them, it’s about how we choose to use it,” Gardner said.