Making Memories

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  • Classes compete in tug of war.

  • Seniors pull to victory.

  • Michael Langley ’23 throwing bombs during Quiditch.

  • Logan Sherman ’23, Jack Boone ’24, Max Graves ’24, and Blake Davenport ’23, shoot some hoops while waiting for the next event

  • Erin Kelly ’23 poses for the decades dress up day during winter carnival.

  • Gavin Tawfall ’23 grins before he takes the victory in arm wrestling.

  • All classes compete in the relay race during this years winter carnival.

  • Denver Miller ’26 poses for character day during winter carnival.

  • Hailey Cormier ’23 and Gavin Letourneu ’26 battle on the monopoly board.

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Lane Carmichael, Staff Writer

This week, the first winter carnival since 2019 is being held at PIHS. “It feels normal again,” said Jack Hallett ’23.

The seniors have been rolling straight ahead in first place after Emma Deeves ’23 performance during Wildcat Idol. “You gotta love Wildcat Idol, you never see some of these kids and they do such a good job,” Hallett added.

Also the seniors have taken many other big events by storm such as tug of war. “I always love tug of war because the seniors are stronger,” said Hallett.

These performances really let kids be themselves. “Although winning is a big part of it, it’s mostly about everyone having fun and having a good time,” Blake Davenport ’23 said. “And being able to bond with classmates, and making new memories every year is important.” There are only a few events left, and for the seniors, this is their last Winter Carnival.

The freshman class seems to always be a little nervous coming into their first winter carnival, but all events are being enjoyed because people are cheered on. “I feel like the senior class is most supportive because they want us to eliminate their other opponents,” Eli Mosher ’26 said. The freshman class is the biggest class currently in PIHS. “It’s important for freshmen to learn what Winter Carnival is all about so that we keep the fun and competitiveness throughout the years,” Mosher said.

The most popular events so far have been tug of war won by the seniors, armwrestling won by Gavin Tawfall ’23, Wildcat Idol won by Emma Deeves ’23, Dancing Like the Stars won by the Xavier Peng and Kaci Kennedy from the junior class, and Quidditch won by the seniors.

A few final events remain and lots more years of fun to be continued at PIHS. Go out and have fun, be yourselves, and most of all make memories.