Winter Carnival lives again

The comeback of the much loved event proved exciting


Lane Carmichael

Gavin Tawfall ’23 grins before he takes the victory in arm wrestling over Aubrey Ellsworth ’26.

Makayla White, Staff Writer

Wednesday-Thursday, March 22-23, PIHS gathered for days two and three of the Winter Carnival week and a stressful wait for the results on Thursday, March 23. Events included Dancing Like the Stars, arm wrestling, dodgeball, Quidditch and much more. “It is a really good time to spend with my friends and be competitive with other school members,” Brent Greenlaw ’25 said.

Certain events gained more traction than others, such as arm wrestling, which took place in Miss William’s classroom during the afternoon and drove a massive number of students into the small classroom, pushing max capacity. Though not every student there was loving the results. “It was fun to watch, but I don’t think it was okay to put boys against girls at all,” Josiah Kierstead ’24 said.

“Dancing Like the Stars,” which featured a boy and a girl from each grade to choreograph and perform a dance routine in front of the entire school, relied on students’ courage to share their dance moves. Kacie Kennedy ’24 said, “I think we did pretty good. I definitely would have done better had I not been so nervous! I do feel that it was a well deserved win, though!” The junior team Kaci Kennedy and Xavier Peng brought home the Dancing Like the Stars gold with their hard work and determination.

The seniors won Quidditch overall, though it was pretty tight in score between class of ’23 and class of ’24 for a while. Anticipation grew from both sides, but the seniors happily won the Harry Potter-themed game, thanks to Malachi Cummings ’23 making the final points for his class.

The dramatic last day of competition consisted of Battle of the Bands and Air Band. Both of these level one events were taken by the juniors.

Jorja Maynard ’24 explained the energy of Winter Carnival.  “Winter Carnival is something I look forward to every year. It’s a fun competition that allows everyone to be involved.”

These are the final winter carnival standings after the final events and the tallies were made. “I would say the final results were pretty fair, but I wish that it was explained a little better for the newer grades,” Hattie Cogswell ’26.

Final standings were as follows:
4th – freshmen, 2190 points
3rd – sophomores, 2940 points
2nd – juniors, 3395 points
1st – seniors, 3620 points