Picks of the week from Rossalyn Buck



Picks of the Week come from Rossalyn Buck ’23.

Xavier Peng, Staff Writer

While the Anchor excitedly waits for new staff members coming in Journalism next semester, I’ll be taking over this section and chat with diverse students in PIHS to gather new perspectives, opinions and hear more stories—-Welcome to Xavier’s Pick of The Week!

For the first issue, I had a conversation with my fellow period 2 classmate, senior Publications Aide Rossalyn Buck.

Closer and closer to graduation, Rossalyn has been busy filling out her scholarship applications before the start of April, and participating in tennis. During her spare time, she has been watching “The Hunger Games” movies and streaming “Speak Now” from Taylor Swift. “It’s probably my favorite Taylor album,” Rossalyn said. “I love ‘The Story of Us’ and ‘Better Than Revenge.’ I think we’re all waiting for Taylor’s version.”  I expressed my approval for that right away.

Rossalyn and Mrs.Young started discussing Anne of Green Gables as I asked her to recommend a movie she loves. Having heard of the book only, I was quite surprised to know that there are adapted films which enjoy even more reputation than the books. It seems like something I should get to know more recently.”It’s basically about a girl who grew up in different orphanages. She overcame many struggles and earned a life of her own,” Rossalyn said.

I asked Rossalyn to looked back on her senior year and share a “core memory.” “Senior Sunrise was very memorable. It was such a great experience and I love kicking off my senior year like that.” She also opened up the challenges she might face attending college in Waterville soon. “I’ve never lived anywhere other than Mapleton, so it would definitely make me more independent. I’m going to a small school, so I think I’ll get involved a lot and I’m looking forward to that.” 

Sharing the Anchor room with Rossalyn has been a blast. She’s approachable and willing to help at anytime. Her serious attitude in work and impressive efficiency is a part of the great atmosphere in the class. We had a casual and comfortable conversation and I’m glad to get to know her more than just a wonderful Aide!