March Madness

Why do people love the underdog?



As March Madness finished up this week many brackets were filled. This year LSU won for the women’s tournament and UCONN won for the men.

Lane Carmichael, Staff Writer

March Madness came to a fiery end this week. The women’s tournament came to a close Sunday, April 2, when LSU came away with the victory over the two seed, Iowa State and the sensational Caitlin Clark. This was the 41st annual women’s tournament. On Monday, April 3, UCONN and San Diego State played in the men’s championship. UCONN pulled away with the win in the second half and took San Diego by storm. UCONN’s leading scorer was Tristen Newton who had 19 points and 10 rebounds. This is the fifth NCAA tournament won by UCONN.

What was more exciting this year: women’s March Madness or men’s? I would say the women’s tournament was more exciting this year because of the electric players that were on the court like Caitlin Clark splashing deep threes like Stephen Curry and LSU player Jasmine Carson who went 7-7 from the field and 5 of those were three pointers in the first half of the championship. It’s not just the well-known players that make it exciting, it’s about the players that no one has heard of.

Last year, the men’s tournament held the more exciting roles. The underdog, Saint Peter’s, made the games a whole lot more interesting as a 15 seed that took down Purdue (3) and Kentucky (2).

Every year there is your classic underdog – a Cinderella team. They make the tournament so much more exciting. What is it specifically about a lower seed team winning that makes the tournament that much better? “Being an underdog is an interesting term because I think the smaller D1 schools are a lot closer to the power houses than the well known schools,” varsity basketball player Malachi Cummings ’23 said. It’s proof that these schools raise more awareness because they are the only ones people talk about once the tournament starts. “Fans just like to see a good performance and when someone they’ve never heard of puts on a show, it makes them even more hype,” Cummings added.

Cummings attended some March Madness games this year, and explained what made being there worthwhile. “The most exciting thing is the atmosphere in the stadium, with over 17,000 people there. It was loud the whole time,” Cummings said.

Health teacher Kevin Malenfant runs the teachers bracket here at the high school. He has been doing this here for the last four or five years. “There have been many buzzer beaters, one point wins, and last second shots this year that make the game that much more exciting for people to cheer on their team,” Malenfant said.