Picks of the week from Kelsey Caron


Xavier Peng

Kelsey Caron ’24 brings us her Picks of the Week.

Xavier Peng, Staff Writer

For our second issue of Picks of the Week, I have the pleasure of featuring Kelsey Caron ’24. Kelsey is in the Competition Play crew and some classes with me. I’ve always been so impressed by her positive energy and great fashion taste, so it is amazing to get a glimpse of her life!

Kelsey has been busy helping the track team practice and hanging out with “crazy kids” in the daycare center where she works. While we talked over the art room study hall, she showed me an adorable painting she has been working on—two calves lying together under the starry night.

A song that matches Kelsey’s vibe lately is “Sane Antone” by The Ghost of Paul Revere. “The artist is a local Maine band. Their lyrics are about life in Maine, it’s sort of folky and I like it,” Kelsey said. She has also been filling her time with anime series Record of Ragnarok. I confessed I don’t watch any anime that has a similar style of Attack on Titan, but she thought it’s rather entertaining. I was super excited when she said her favorite film is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” “It’s a film about the remedy of trauma. I love it because of its emotional intensity and I was so mad that they took it off Netflix,” Kelsey said. Honestly, same, because this film has been sitting in my coming-of-age films watch list for a while, and now I need to find an alternative way to watch it. Quite frankly, I would say Kelsey’s recommendations truly match her energy very well.

Lastly we discussed her expectations for upcoming senior year. “I want to take lots of art classes and just enjoy my time with my favorite teachers and all that I have here!” she said with a slight undertone of sadness. She would also like to do a directed study for her art portfolio in order to prepare her for becoming an art therapy major in the following year. Let’s wish her good luck on that.

It was truly wonderful talking to Kelsey. She has literally the best personality and was very open and genuine about all the questions. That not only made my work easier, but also brought us closer. We had a good time just chatting, and I’m happy to get to spend more time her in classes and school events