Picks of the week from Megan Robinson


Xavier Peng

Megan Robinson ’23 emits positive energy, as always.

Xavier Peng, Staff Writer

Megan Robinson ’23 is joining The Anchor for this week of Picks of The Week. Other than having an extraordinary amount of mutuals with me on Instagram, Megan also has art study hall with me, and I cannot appreciate her compliments on my outfits enough since my very first week here in PIHS. Therefore, it’s very exciting to get to know her better.

I could not wait to start talking about Megan’s horse the minute we sat down. Megan describes Sockett as her best friend. She has had him for five years and has been participating in local horse shows and competitions with him. “I am very passionate about it and I love my horse a lot,” Megan said. She explained to me some horse tricks such as in-hand classes and clean and under saddle. They sound interesting to me, and despite doubting I could do it very well, I would love to try sometime in the future.

Megan feels that “Way of the Triune God” by Tyler Childers matches her vibe lately. She explains that, “It’s a folk song about finding your own happiness. I’m going through something right now and have been figuring out life by myself, and this song has been very helpful.”

We also talked about our favorite films. Megan’s is the classic “Labyrinth” with David Bowie. “The film is very imaginative. I think all the art pieces and puppets in it were hand-made, and that’s just impressive.” I genuinely love the perspective with which Megan chose to approach the film.

Looking back on her senior year, Megan thought winning the Winter Carnival with her classmates was a great memory. “I like that we worked together toward a goal and had fun.”

She’s also excited about her upcoming enrollment in NMCC where she will be one of the few girls in the welding class. I was moved when she said she was told by others that she wouldn’t like the major and can’t make it, but she’s still determined enough to stick to her decision. That spirit is motivational and admirable.

Overall, we had a wonderful conversation. The optimistic attitude Megan has towards life and the opinions of others is something everyone can learn from. She has her own health healing process and coping mechanism which is harder to cultivate than most people think. I’ve definitely been educated by talking to her and I truly wish Megan the promising future as she deserves!