Zines unleashed


Marcie Young

A Zine created by Abby Johnston ’23 in junior hall by art student .

Astra Laughton, Staff Writer

Drawing II students of PIHS have made zines (short for magazines) with lots of different themes. These mini Zines were placed all around the school in hopes that students would have something to look for in the hall. Once you find these Zines there are yours to keep but once they’re all gone, then they’re gone. 

“I love that people are getting creative, fun and interactive,” Alyssa Blade ’23 said. 

These Zines aren’t meant to be hard to find. They’re bringing more to the hallways that were bare. If you look up in the hall to look around you may see so many more than you probably thought there were. 

Here are directions on how to make one yourself.