Picks of the week from Brad


Xavier Peng

Brad Pelletier ’25 shares his picks of the week.

Xavier Peng, Staff Writer

I had the chance to feature someone interesting for this week of Pics of The Week. We have Bradley Pelletier ’25, who joined PIHS the same week as me and was one of the first few people that I talked to in the school. I was very much intrigued to compare our experience at school of the past few months and also get to know him better.

As the sun has finally started embracing Presque Isle, Brad has been helping his family with some outdoor yard work.”We have been transforming the big garden outside of our house and just trying to get things done for spring.” Brad said. We went on to talk about some of his favorite outdoor activities as he describes his family as a “big outdoor family.”  Brad mentioned ATVing and fishing—-as someone who has never heard of the word ‘ATV’ before, he explained the activity to me and shared some of his experiences since he picked up the hobby when he’s just a child.

Brad was hyped when we talked about music. He introduced me to the distinct music tastes of his family: “My mother listens to anything, my dad is more classic rock. One of my brothers likes Taylor Swift and the other one is into heavy metal. I personally love soft rock. It is interesting that you can come to my house and hear different genres of music playing in the rooms.” That definitely sounds special, and I could see why Brad is so talented with instruments because of such an immersive musical environment inside of his house.

We talked briefly about the movie “The Unborn.” “It is one of the first horror movies I’ve seen with my brother and the reason why I like it is just the sentimental memories we had watching it,” Brad told me. That’s an adorable answer and the emotional bonds he has with his siblings seem rather precious.

At last, he told me a little bit about his transition from online school to physical high school. “It’s nice to actually talk and interact with people,” Brad commented. Looks like he has been fitting in pretty well and has been enjoying his time in the school. Brad was very cooperative during our interviews and shared many of his unique experiences and insights. Let’s expect some upcoming drum performances he will have for our school in the future!