Picks of the week special senior edition: Makayla White

Xavier Peng, Staff Writer

For this week’s Picks of The Week we’re doing something pretty special. At the beginning of this school year, Anchor writer Makayla White ’23 started the column of Picks of The Week, interviewing Anchor staffers about their interests and life. I took over the column about three months ago to do the same with some PIHS students. Now in June our OG Makayla will soon graduate. I have invited her to be featured in this special issue as the founder of the column to reflect on her growth as an writer, a PIHS student and a person.

Just like most of her fellow seniors, Makayla has been shopping for stuff such as dorm room decorations for graduation. She describes her last few weeks at school as “the most exciting weeks of my life.” She plans to spend the summer working hard on writing her book. I always find the transition summer to be the most enjoyable and relaxing, and it seems like so for Makayla, too.

As someone who has already got the concert ticket for them, Makayla has been listening to a lot of Weezer. She thinks Reason for Waiting by Jethro Tull fits her vibe the best lately. We talked a little about her biggest music taste shift since her last “Pick of the Week” for herself. “I was listening to a lot of metal, now I listen to way more music from my childhood. I think I’m entering an era of wanting to grow up, but also scared, so I seek comfort in old things like Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift.” That’s definitely a relatable and genuine response, and I think it speaks for many young adults going into a new page of their life.

Makayla shared a fun story about UFC boxer Conor McGregor when she brought up that she’s watched his new documentary on TV. “When I was traveling in Dublin, my family and I almost said hi to him. We saw him at a restaurant and just didn’t wanna bother him.” In Makayla’s pick article about herself, you could definitely see how much of a Ricky and Morty fan she was. “At least I’m not obsessed with that anymore,” she said.

Thinking back on last September when she first joined The Anchor, Makayla thinks her writing has grown. She expressed some melancholy for leaving The Anchor. “I’ll for sure miss writing for The Anchor, but I get to bring my talent to the newspaper in my college which will be cool.” She seems thrilled for her new life in UMF and for their exchange programs, parties and more music performing opportunities for her. “I’m excited to see who I’ll become and for welcoming new people into my life.”

I ended the last interview with Makayla by having her give some advice for whoever is seeking it. “Put yourself out there, and don’t ever regret it. Someday you’ll see things turned out for the best. Take it easy, don’t rush things, slow down and enjoy it.”

It was amazing to be able to hear those words and see the growth from a wonderful writer and a good friend, especially when things are starting to get intense as the application season for the class of 2024 is about to start this summer. Makayla has always been hard-working in The Anchor room and has helped me so much during my time in The Anchor and also during my life in Presque Isle. It’s always so fun to have her in the room, and I will definitely miss her. Best of luck to Makayla, and pay attention, her name will be in Rolling Stone someday!