Celebrating our seniors


Marcie Young

The class of ‘23 watches the class marshals at the final matching practice on June 8.

Ethan Dionne, Staff Writer

Another year of school is on the brink of ending, which means another class of PIHS seniors graduate. The class of 2023 has really been through it during their high school career. The COVID virus started during their freshman year which was kind of a killer for their high school experience as so many activities had to be changed due to the virus. During their sophomore year, rather than the 45 minute periods, the seniors had 80 minute midterm-like block periods, which was due to social distancing.

There were also some good things that came from COVID for these seniors though, like the iconic “Hey, It’s Mr. P TV!” or the introduction of remote learning (based solely off of learning preference).

Now, they’ve finished school and graduate on Saturday, June 10. They had Class Day on June 8, and marched through the SAD 1 schools on June 9. “I’m certainly going to miss them,” said assistant principal Joe Greaves. “They have been through a lot these past four years with everything surrounding COVID, but it’s great that they get to participate in their end of high school ceremonies.”

I also asked NHS adviser Julie Gardner about the seniors and how marching practice goes for anyone wondering. “The first time they try marching practice is always a challenge, yet they always manage to figure it out and pull it together to make it look like it’s easy by the time graduation occurs,” Gardner said. “Having taught these students as 8th graders, and some of them the last two years, seeing this group graduate holds a special place in my heart. I have truly enjoyed getting to know them and seeing them grow.”

I asked freshman Hunee Edwards how she felt about the seniors graduating. “I won’t miss them since I don’t know many of them, but I’m proud of them all, and I hope they succeed in life.”