Snapchat Update Chaos

Students talk about the new Snapchat update

Snapchat Update Chaos

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Molly Irwin, Staff Writer

Sydney Craig ‘18
This is the old Snapchat look

It’s the most important accessory in a teenager’s life: a smartphone. When we look at it and see changes in updates- we panic.

The new Snapchat update released February 9. It was announced in November 2017 by Evan Spiegel, the Snapchat CEO, that they are making some major changes to their app. The new update consists of different fonts, added color, characters, and the 3D Bitmoji to the new World Lenses. When you open the app, the Bitmojis of the people you talk to appear on the left side of the chat conversation. We’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of what seems like our most necessary social media apps.

People are frustrated with the new update. “I don’t like that there is not a separate screen for stories because it is so much more difficult to look at everyone’s and after you watch it once, the people you don’t talk to, it’s often harder to see their story, says Jenna Sargent, a freshman. “Snapchat had seemed to take up a lot of storage space on my phone and it uses a lot of data as well. I have also noticed that it seems to make my phone glitch on occasion and using it constantly drains your battery.”

“I don’t like the new Snapchat update at all, I’ve actually stopped using the app because of it. First, the interface seems much more crowded, so it’s hard to read and navigate the app,” says Owen McQuarrie, a junior. “Second, it’s noticeably slower and clunkier. I feel like I’m using an old Blackberry on 1G connection, it’s awful.”

Emily Poitras ‘19
This is the new Snapchat look.

Izzy Higgins, a freshman, says, “I don’t like basically everything about the new update for the app. It glitches a lot and it sometimes won’t let you log back in after you log out.”

There are some good points to the apps as well. Sargent says, “I like the Bitmojis on the side by the names because it looks more interesting and it makes it distinct as to who you’re talking to.”

“There’s not much to like in my opinion. I’ll continue using the app once team Snapchat gets its head out of the clouds and fixes its product, until then, I’ll stick to Instagram,” says McQuarrie.

“It’s a great way to communicate with your friends if you need to,” says Higgins.

This update continuously seems to be surprising people. Snapchat does, however, continue to be one of teens’ most used social media apps.