Dear Presque Isle High School

A Farewell Letter from a 2018 Graduate

Sydney Craig, Staff Writer

Dear Presque Isle High School,

Walking into your big, blue lockered hallways I had heard many things about what you would be like. I heard you would be exciting, wild and fun. I had heard about your Winter Carnival, your Shipmates musicals, and your Winter Balls. I heard about your circle tables in the circular and the option of pizza every day for lunch. I heard you would be where I spent the best four years of my life, so I had big expectations.

You managed to fill most of my expectations. Your Winter Carnival was so much fun even though it was confusing at first; it became what I most looked forward to when winter was coming. Your Deck the Halls was an exciting and stressful week, because, “We need this whole section done by tonight, and everything keeps falling!”

Your legendary pep rallies never failed to impress me, walking into the lower gym with the band pumping out music filled me with class pride and school spirit, that I don’t think I’ve ever cheered louder.

Your musicals, man were they hectic, but oh so fun, and nothing will ever beat the feeling of opening night, and finally nailing that tap number.

Like I said, you lived up to most of my expectations, although some you left in the dust. No one ever got up and started singing during lunch about sticking to the status quo. I mean that one was a little far off, but still.

Another thing I never anticipated was the dilemma of where to park my car, I mean it shouldn’t be this hard, but if I park in Barton I’m stealing someone’s spot, and if I’m late, Druggie is always full.

One of the biggest expectations I had walking into to high school was this immense amount of promised freedom, with things like what classes to take, and what to wear, but this was squashed when I realized I still had to ask to go to the bathroom.  

As my four years are almost done here, there are some things I need to thank you for while writing this letter.

  1. My friends. Being here has gifted me with so many friends I wouldn’t have met elsewhere. We bonded over the musical, Deck the Halls and Winter Carnival. Over these past four years this high school has helped me meet some pretty amazing people whom I will cherish forever, and I can’t thank you enough for that.
  2. The teachers. Presque Isle High School, you have quite the staff and I don’t think I’d be graduating if it wasn’t for their help, support, and encouragement to always do my best. They taught me I can do anything I can set my mind to.
  3. The memories. I have made so many memories here, there are too many to count. This place will always hold a special spot in my heart for all the memories. I know that in a few weeks, or years I will always be able to look back and laugh at Karen’s annual this is NOT the beach speech, or Mr.P’s commentary during Quidditch.   

So thank you, Presque Isle High School, for living up to most of my expectations, thank you for my friends, the teachers, and of course the memories.



An almost graduated senior