Grace & Frankie Reviews and Views


Andrew McArthur, Staff Writer

This last week, I finished the Netflix comedy called’ “Grace & Frankie.”  The storyline of the show is that Sol and Robert both come out as gay to their wives of forty years. You can imagine how something like that would go over. Yeah, not so good.

The two wives Grace and Frankie are polar opposites. The only reason they had to be civil with each other was because their husbands were business partners. So they saw a lot of each other over the forty years, but they really didn’t like each other.

The character “Grace” was someone who was very traditional and very proper. She was also a little snobby, but as the show goes on, you will begin to love her character. The character “Frankie” was by far my favorite character on the entire show. She reminded me of a throwback old school hippie. She’s very funny, and just overall a free spirit.

The other two main characters in the show were Sol and Robert, which to be honest, I actually hated them in the beginning of the show. They were having an affair behind their wives’ backs for twenty years. So it was kind of hard to like those two characters, but as the show continues you learn their story and fall in love with them. They were by far the two most important characters in the show.

We need more shows out there that sort of “normalize” same sex couples. Better yet, older same sex couples. In television shows, they always portray gay characters to be super flamboyant and over the top, which is far from reality. Not all gay people in real life are super into fashion and flamboyant, and I hate the fact that is always what is portrayed. Sol and Robert in this show are both just two guys who happen to be in love.  That’s all.  Their characters were different from each other, but it seemed real.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this show. At first, it’s a little difficult to get into the show considering the circumstances, but once you’re a few episodes in, you won’t be able to stop.