Haunted Woods Walk 2018


Pete Freeman

Right: Zoe Plummer, Torrie Casey, Hailey Verret, Richard Bellamy, Aaliyah Lichterman, Landyn Newlands, Seth Roy, Marina Tucker, Cody Tucker and Iffy Sargent stand to het their picture taken before the walk. “ Be scary” said Pete Freeman, photographer. They were all so cold it was hard to stand still.

Torrie Casey, Staff Writer

Presque Isle High School students helped organize and perform at the 10th annual Haunted Woods Walk, October 5 and 6 at the Nordic Heritage Center. “I was very pleased with how this year turned out,” said Alli Lovely ‘20.

“It’s not for all ages, people come at their own discretion,” said Lovely. They recommend attendees to be 13 years of age or older. The sky is the limit for how scary it can be, but there are some guidelines. For example, actors are not allowed to touch the people walking through.

 A lot goes into planning the whole walk. “We have to get sponsorships and we have to advertise to make this all come together.” said Lovely. Contacting schools and getting the word out is one of the many steps to the Walk. The Chamber of Commerce rents the Heritage Center for the Walk to be held.

“Being a part of a group that is trying to scare people for fun is awesome,” said Ethan Shaw ‘22. “I think making a scene would be fun but I’m not responsible enough,” said Shaw while laughing.

A lot of people think it’s something fun and spooky to do in preparation for Halloween. It gets people in the spirit and it’s great to do with friends. “I hope the walk continues for many years to come,” said Shaw.