First 2018-19 Pep Rally

Freshmen Win their First Winter Carnival Points


LeRae Kinney

The class of 2022 stands up to cheer on Xavier McAtee as he competes in cup stacking. The pep rally was held on October 25. “I loved the pep rally!” said freshman MacKenna Berube.

Carly Guerrette, Staff Writer

Masses of students in similar color shirts, hand painted signs and hundreds of teenagers screaming for cup stacking drama:  the fall pep rally happened on Thursday October 25.

Freshman Courtney Kane had attended a pep rally before. “I had been to a couple of pep rallies when I live in Guilford. But I would have to say that a Presque Isle pep rally is way better than the pep rally I went to in Guilford,” she said. “I really enjoyed the screaming contest part of the pep rally. We sadly did not win the screaming contest but at least we know what to do for next time.”

The freshman class had a meeting on Tuesday, October 23 to discuss what to expect at their first-ever pep rally. Piper Galipeau ‘22 attended the class meeting. “I am very glad that I went to the class meeting. I felt more confident about going into my first pep rally,” said Galipeau.

Student Council held a cup stacking contest at the pep rally. This is the first time the Student Council held a winter carnival point-worthy event at the fall pep rally.  “We thought by taking out trivia and bringing in a new event that the pep rally may be more fun,” Student Council president Elizabeth Collins ‘19 said.

Xavier McAtee ‘22 won the cup stacking contest, giving the freshmen their first points toward the annual Winter Carnival competition. “I’m very glad that I won the cup stacking competition. I think this is a very good opportunity for the class of 2022 to get some points on the board for Winter Carnival 2018-2019!” McAtee said.