Christmas Chronicles Review


Torrie Casey

Carly Guerrette ‘22 lays under a tree watching “Christmas Chronicles,” the new Netflix Christmas movie. “It’s truly a great movie,” Guerrette said.

Torrie Casey, Staff Writer

In the 2018 Netflix movie “Christmas Chronicles” directed by Clay Kaytis, Teddy and Kate Pierce have the brilliant idea to try to capture Santa to make a video, but it all goes downhill. Teddy and Kate jump into the sleigh in hopes to find Santa but end up scaring him, causing his sleigh to crash and his reindeer to run off. Christmas Spirit is down by 28 percent and thousands of houses are left un-visited with six hours to go. Can Kate and Teddy help Santa save Christmas in time?

This movie is perfect for a cozy winter night with hot chocolate in front of a fire. It made me  laugh, pulled on my heart strings, and made me feel pure joy. The overall story of the movie is about the kids losing their father which of course upsets them. Every year they’d had a tradition of making a Christmas movie together. So every year since he died, they make a Christmas video on their dad’s old recorder to continue the memory which gives them joy and sadness. It is a movie that put me in the Christmas spirit. It talks about the meaning of Christmas and how family is the most important. It also gives a good lesson about forgiveness and how you’ll always be loved.

Overall I’d rate this movie a 4 out of 5. I really enjoyed watching this movie. The actors did a great job and the transition from place to place and the scene jumping was clean. At some parts during the movie the reindeer looked very animated, if they would have found a way to make it look more realistic it would have been great. I babysit and I would love to watch this movie with them.  It’s a movie for all ages, but younger kids might enjoy it more.