Deck the Halls 2018


Sage Graham

PIHS students get ready to compete in Deck the Halls. They worked after school for a few days in preparation for the event. ”I loved participating in Deck the Halls because I love seeing the work come together and I get to socialize with people I normally don’t talk to,” said Courtney Kane '22.

Sage Graham, Staff Writer

From December 3 – December 7, the Student Council hosted the annual Deck the Halls competition. Whoever wins gets points toward Winter Carnival.

Deck the Halls is one of the first first events of Winter Carnival which takes place in March.  This year the Class of 2020 won 1st place in the Deck the Halls competition with their Dr. Seuss themed hallway. Sophomores earned 2nd place with their theme which was Alice in Wonderland. The freshman class with Under the Sea earned 3rd, and last the senior class got 4th place with their jungle-themed hallway.

“I like participating in Deck the Halls, because I love seeing all the work come together and I like to socialize with people I don’t usually talk to,” said Courtney Kane ‘22.  “My favorite was the Alice in Wonderland sophomore hallway. I liked theirs because they all worked together and it showed a lot about the movie.”