PIHS Lunchroom 101: Top 10 Takeaways from the Start of the Year Lunch Experience

Emma Smart, Staff writer

  1. You can’t leave the lunchroom till the bell, but that doesn’t stop students from trying.
  2. Some students still can’t seem to find a trash can.
  3. “Pizza is the best food from the cafeteria.” -Sean Smith ‘23
  4. As soon as the bell rings the lunchroom fills with students staring at their phones. 
  5. Singing happy birthday in the lunchroom is contagious: one person starts and then everyone else goes along.
  6. Bathrooms are NOT places to eat during lunch.
  7. The cafeteria is also the dance floor for school dances.
  8. “It’s bipolar: it gets really loud then turns dead quiet” -Haley Cormier ‘23
  9. Round tables rock. “There is a lot of room and you can move your own chairs” -Lexus Clark ’23
  10. The pizza line is a big hit, you gotta get there early to get some food.