We’ve Got Spirit!

Fall Pep Rally Marks a New Beginning


Jenna Sargent

“It was, or so I’ve heard, one of the best pep rallies since 2005. I was pretty pumped to win the Jug for the first time, too. Student council is different this year; we’re actually proposing policies and I’m learning a lot more than I previously knew.” Gage Letourneau ‘21.

Elizabeth Collins, Staff Writer

The success of the fall pep rally on October 25 proved they can continue thanks to the efforts of Student Council and Varsity Club. “Ever since I was a freshman, I have wanted to make pep rallies bigger and better,” said Alison Himes ’20, Student Council President. “I had always heard that they used to be great and I wanted to make them great again. I was active with Varsity Club, and did everything I could to get pep rallies up and running again. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be part of the best pep rally in a long time.”

This pep rally was laid out differently from previous ones. Team members were announced all at once instead of called down individually. Erika Bernard, Varsity Club advisor, hopes that by spending less time announcing players, the pep rally wouldn’t feel like a drag. Students share this sentiment. “I think that pep rallies have been pointed in the right direction because this one was actually pretty fun, when the other ones have been quite boring,” said Michael Perkins ’20.

There was also a scoring rubric that decided the winners of the Jug. Banners and cheers counted towards winning the Jug, which encouraged students. The classes poured energy into their efforts, and some sweat. “When everyone leaves [the gym] and it smells like a hundred freshman boys just finished gym without deodorant, you know it was a good pep rally,” said Zack Powers, Student Council advisor.

The new style of pep rally was met with enthusiasm throughout the grades. “Personally, I was impressed by the level of school spirit we had this year. Last year’s pep rallies were sad,” said Bernard.

 The next pep rally is scheduled for the end of winter sports season in February. You can listen to a podcast about the pep rally here.

Students hold up posters to get the crowd involved and show their school spirit. Some students dressed up in costumes to build up the energy.


The sophomore class cheers on their cupstacking participant, Xavier McAtee. “It was really fun to cheer on all the sports teams and to have school spirit. I would like to have future pep rallies because it was a really fun time and it was nice to have a break from school work.” -Emily Straetz ’23.
The junior and freshman girls prepare to cupstack for their classes. Cerena Wu ’21 got second place, and Allison Sweetser ’22 got first place.


Ethan Carlisle ’23 and Jacob Devine ’21 prepare to cup stack for their classes. “It was better than the past pep rallies we’ve had. People were more energetic! I’m excited for the next one and I hope it’s like the one we just had!” -Kayla Williams ‘21.
Libby Kinney ‘23 and Faith Sjoberg ‘23 prepare posters for team intros. The crowd behind them waved noisemakers and cheered for their class.