Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


In 10 years where do you hope to be? What job do you wish to be doing and where?

Carly Guerrette and Torrie Casey

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  • Maggie Castonguay :In 10 years, I want to be working as a physical therapist somewhere in Maine. I would love to live near the coast, but Aroostook County is pretty nice too.

  • Riley Rodrick: Graduate from Maine Maritime Academy. Get a job have a beautiful wife and have little Riley’s.

  • Connor Demerchant: I hope to be a radiologist working somewhere in Aroostook County. I will be buying a nice house and have a family.

  • Ricky Goupille: Working for the District Attorney’s office as a prosecuting attorney.

  • Rebekah Poliero: Hopefully done college and already be started my career.

  • Peyton Lindsey: Starting to settle down in a warm city as an elementary school teacher.

  • Jayde Cook: In 10 years I’m hoping to be in North Carolina pursuing my career as a cosmetologist and hopefully have my own hair salon as well.

  • Kassidy Sirois: I wish to be a dental hygienist in southern Maine.

  • Rebecca Rider: In 10 years, I hope to see myself as a nurse practitioner living backup here in the county. Surviving college is #1 priority at this point.

  • Libby Moreau: In 10 years, I hope to be out of residency for optometry. I love New England and I would never want to leave the area.

  • Lillian Ballerstein: I hope to be a first grade teacher, marry the love of my life and have a wonderful little family.

  • Kacie Chapman: Business major, with a home, husband and cats!!! Not sure exactly where, but in Maine.

  • Jacob Bonville: I would love to be an athletic trainer. I don’t know where I would like to be living, but I just want to be somewhere warm.

  • Erica Rosten: Is hope to be successful, I want to be living somewhere in New Brunswick living my best life as a social worker.

  • Anna Trombley: In 10 years I hope to be back home somewhere in The County working as a nurse practitioner.

  • Aaliyah Lichterman: I want to be a kindergarten or first grade teacher in Arizona.

  • Alana Legassie: Go to UMPI for teaching

  • Allison Himes: In 10 years I hope to be living somewhere safe with a cute young, little family and with the man of my dreams. I hope to be pursuing my career, or just starting it, as a physician assistant, specializing in pediatrics. I love to work with kids and the medical field interests me tremendously, that is why I would like to pursue this as my career. I then hope to be successful, and be a wonderful wife and mother and help those around me be happy and make the world a better place.

  • Alexis Michaud: I wish to be a traveling nurse traveling around the world to help others.

  • Connor Junkins: I hope to have a masters degree and be happy with my job. I want to be a business mogul across multiple countries

  • Abby Michaud: I hope to have a successful job, down in Portland at a local hospital, with no student loan debt and have a neat and comfortable home.

  • Gabrielle Halley: I’m not sure what I want to do for a career. My goal in life is to one day be truly happy when I wake up to go to work.

  • Paige McHatten: In 10 years, I hope to be a college graduate. I hope to be a lawyer in New England. Hopefully I’ll be living in an apartment that allows pets so I can have a golden retriever named Waffles.

  • Jordan Plummer: In 10 years I hope to have a profitable business downstate, while still being able to come back to Aroostook County to visit every so often.

  • Meghann Collins: In the next decade, I hope to be striving as a biomedical engineer with a family. I would like to stay in Aroostook County, but am willing to move to wherever my career takes me.

  • Gavin Akeley: Successful and far away from here

  • In 10 years where do you hope to be? What job do you wish to be doing and where?

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