Thoughts on #letusplay

Students and faculty share their opinions on the MPA allowing fall sports


Jack Boone

Michael Langley ‘23 and Lindsey Himes ‘23 support Maine high school fall sports going forward, despite the pandemic. “I hope we can at least stay in the County to play because that would be better than nothing,” said Himes.

Jack Boone and Wyatt Young

“I think we should have fall sports, but I think it should be an individual choice, like if you don’t feel comfortable or safe doing your sport then you have the choice to not do it. I think that if soccer is at a higher risk, then they should do what they’re able to do, so maybe they can’t have games, but cross country can have their meets and golf can play, too.” – Anna Jandreau ‘23


 “Well, we’re all at school. There are a lot fewer people on a soccer field or running in a cross country meet than in this school. It should be all or nothing.” ”

— Gage Letourneau, ‘21

“If we’re in school, then why wouldn’t we be doing sports? I think if we have one sport, then we should have all of them.” – Hunter Stubbs ‘21

“We should have fall sports. I think we should have some fall sports. Heavy contact sports like soccer, we should not be playing.” – Morgan House ‘24

“I definitely think we should have fall sports, especially because it’s senior year. I feel like we can work around everything either wearing masks, or just to figure out how to play. Even if we just play County teams, I think we should figure out a way to do it.“ ”

— Hattie Bubar, ‘21

“Yeah, I think we should play, because while, I mean, I can be in contact with people, it’s not a contact sport. You’re six feet away anyways, other than on the tee box. But you can still be six feet apart.” – Grant Stubbs ‘24

“Teams have been doing stuff all summer long, and nothing has really come of that yet, so as long as protocols are in place they should be allowed to happen. Obviously the non-contact sports are probably deemed safer, because of this, social distancing concept. An all or nothing type of thing would probably be the best.” – Mr. Kirby

“With conditions, I think we should because we are feeling so fractured. Right now, we’re feeling apart from each other and it’s such a big part of high school life. You look forward to it your entire elementary and middle school careers. And the community loves it. So, if you can stay away from each other, and I know that’s hard to do.”– Mrs. Ruscetta

Should the high school fall sports season be played, with modifications?

  • Yes (85%, 23 Votes)
  • No (15%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 27

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