Moving During COVID-19


Caroline Lejman

Moving can be hard, but moving during a global pandemic is even worse.

Caroline Lejman, Staff Writer

As the people of Maine begin to prepare for the snow about to come now that Halloween is over, I am preparing for something, too. My family and I have to pack and get ready to move during a global pandemic.

This is hard.  This whole year has been hard, and moving – during a pandemic –  is hard. 

There are many issues that come up anytime you’re moving during the school year. Trying to pack while also juggling school work and sports is one of the more challenging balancing acts. I know how hard this can be because I am struggling with it currently. Also, moving means having to say goodbye to friends. Moving as a small child is not hard because you do not have many strong friendships. However, moving as a high schooler, you have already found your group of people, and now you have to say goodbye to them, which can be hard. Wherever you move, the other students are going to be the same way and have their own groups, which can make it quite hard to make friends. 

This is hard.  This whole year has been hard,  and moving – during a pandemic –  is hard. ”

With this pandemic still surging as we start November, it can make the process of moving more complicated than ever. According to the Pew Research Center, one in five US adults moved during the pandemic, or knew someone who did.

Driving down the east coast and passing through multiple states, such as New York and Pennsylvania, can only increase the chances of anyone getting COVID-19. Moving while COVID-19 is spreading leaves many people vulnerable to being exposed. There is also the possibility that my family and I will have to self-quarantine for two weeks because we are having to travel through so many states. My family and I have been trying to stay positive and not worry about the whole situation too much, but we are definitely being cautious. We plan on packing boxes into the truck as much as we can by ourselves or with the help of friends to avoid having movers help us so everyone can stay safe. Also, we are bringing our own food with us while driving to keep us from getting exposed to the virus at gas stations and restaurants.

Because I am moving, this will be my last column on The Anchor.

Goodbye and good luck, Presque Isle!