Battle of the Thanksgiving Sides and Pies

Students of PIHS share their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and pies.

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  • Results of students’ favorite side dishes.

  • Results of students’ favorite pies.

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Taylor Doyen, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is arguably one of the best holidays in America. The delicious food, traditions, and memories make for a very enjoyable holiday. Of course, everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving food. From sides to pies, everyone has a pretty solid idea of what food they find the most delicious. This is the Battle of the Thanksgiving Sides and Pies!

1. Coming in first was a Thanksgiving classic, mashed potatoes, with just over 34%! It was a close battle for second, as stuffing had 26.7% and rolls had 20%! These are the standings for Thanksgiving side dish favorites:

  1. Mashed Potatoes (34.1%)
  2. Stuffing (26.7%)
  3. Rolls (20%)
  4. Green Bean Casserole (13.3%)
  5. Sweet Potatoes (3.7%)
  6. Gravy (1.5%)
  7. Side Salad (.7%)

2. Pumpkin pie easily stole first place with a whopping 39.3%! The race for second place was very close between apple, chocolate, and raspberry pie, but ultimately chocolate pie won second place. Here are the standings for the Thanksgiving pie favorites:

    1. Pumpkin (39.3%)
    2. Chocolate (22.2%)
    3. Apple (17.8%)
    4. Raspberry (14.1%)
    5. Blueberry (3.7%) 
    6. Pecan (2.9%)