I Cannot Stand This Anymore!!

A List of How Home Life in December 2020 Isn’t a Season to be Jolly.

Jane Morningstar, Staff Writer

Having school work while quarantining with my eight siblings, ages 5 to 18, can be frustrating at times. Yes, we’re lucky to have each other and be healthy, but there are definitely some ups and downs about having a big family.  Here are the top 11 downs, thanks to life in December, 2020. 

And, just to clarify, I love all my siblings.

1. Getting woken up before 8:00 am by the three little kids running down the hall and screaming outside my room (way too early) and pretty annoying.

2. My name. On repeat. “Jane!” “Jane.” “Jane?” “Jane.” “Jane!” “Jane!” “Jane.” “Jane?” “Jane.” “Jane?”

3. When I’m on a Google Meet with my teacher, and at least two people try to talk to me, ignoring the fact I’m busy.

4. Kids making annoying noises with the dog, Giddian’s, toys 24/7.

5. The dog’s name.  On repeat. “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.” “Giddian.”

6. As soon as my mom leaves to get groceries, the kids get ten times louder and scream annoying songs over and over.

7. Watching Netflix, with someone always looking over my shoulder. 

8. When I have to shower but one of the older kids like Elijah, Lexi, Nick, steal the bathroom when they don’t need to use the bathroom.

9. The stupid annoying arguments in the background, especially in the car, or just fighting over a card game, or something little like that.

10. When my mom tells us the older kids to be quiet at night but then she doesn’t tell the younger kids to be quiet while the older kids are sleeping.

11. Chore nagging.