James Harden Causes the NBA to Wonder About His Future

The chances of Harden Being traded has the league spreading rumors.


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Harden shoots a difficult shot over a defender. Harden has announced he is open to trade.

Wyatt Young, Staff Writer

James Harden is a star player for the Houston Rockets. However, recently he has said to SportsCenter reporters, “I’d be open to a trade to Philadelphia or other contenders.”

Harden has been on the Rockets since 2012. He has won a MVP Award with them. Overall he is known for his flashy, offensive play style. Using this style he has dominated the NBA on the offensive end, and will be known as one of the best offensive players to ever play.

Harden is done wanting to be the best player on the team and now he wants to win. He wants a championship rather than money.

The best team for Harden would be the Nets. The Rockets have said they would not accept a trade unless it is for Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving. If the Nets were to trade Irving to the Rockets for Harden, that would give Durant a chance to play with Harden again. When they played together they went to a championship together, if they played together now, they could win the title. This is an opportunity for Nets and could be a trade that leads them to a bright future.