NBA Veteran Chris Paul Traded to the Phoenix Suns

Everyone in the league was expecting Chris Paul to get traded again. They were just wondering where, and when it was going to happen.


Eric Kilby, Creative Commons

Chris Paul driving to the basket jumping past a defender after running past another during a game early in his career against the Celtics.

Jack Boone, Staff Writer

Chris Paul is a NBA veteran and a ten time all- star. He is essential to any team he plays on by using his speed and scrappy play style. Last season he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs against mostly everyone saying they could not make it as far as they did. Being traded is not an abnormal feeling for Paul as this will be the fourth time. Throughout his time in the league so far, he has averaged an astonishing 18.5 points and 9.5 assist per game. As the Suns prepare to take in Paul, they seem very excited tweeting @CP3 in The Valley!”

Chris Paul should have great future chemistry with the Phoenix Suns 2018 first first overall pick, center, Deandre Ayton, and one of the best upcoming stars, Devin Booker. This team also has a promising future with a young center and a veteran point guard. This was a great choice for both the Suns and the Thunder, coming out with what the franchises needed.

Even though many people say that Chris Paul is old he is still going to be essential to the Suns this season if they are aiming to make the playoffs. They finished last season with a 34-39 record, winning all eight regular season games they played in the Orlando bubble this summer.