What’s Your Preference? In-Person or Remote Learning?


Hailey Fitzmaurice, Staff Writer

What are our students saying about Remote vs. In-School learning, now that so many have experienced both routines?

Gabi Caron’ 23 – “I like in person better because I am able to focus better, and I like socializing with friends and teachers.”

Karlyn Gilmore’ 24  – “I like remote learning better because I get to stay in comfy clothes and not have anyone judge me and I can sleep in a little bit.”

Chacity Gendreau ’23  – “I like in-person better, because it is personally easier to focus. When I was remote, it was such a struggle to focus and get work done.”

Abby Chase ’22  – “I like remote better, only because it’s more peaceful, and I can teach myself if I don’t understand something. Teachers don’t keep their classes quiet enough.

Carly Guerrette ’22  “I like in-person learning better because you get to do hands-on learning with your teachers. Wearing a mask seven hours a day can be challenging some days, but being able to see your friends makes up for it.”

Raegan Libby ’23 – “I like in-person better because I feel more motivated to do my work.”

Isabella Keegan ’23 – “I like in-person better because online is harder to keep up with and understand.”

Jacob Devine ’21 – “In-person. There are not as many distractions and I can get my work done easily.”

Collin Walton ’22 – “In-person definitely. At home I didn’t ever do my work, so it only gets done at school, because I’m way too lazy at home.”

Janelle Doak ’21 – “ Remote because I have more motivation to get my work done and then be able to do plans that I have made the rest of the day.”