School Record in the Standing Broad Jump Tied For the Third Time

Jaron Leach ’22 became the third person in recorded history to jump 9’5 in a Presque Isle High School gym class Monday.


Cameron Levasseur

Jaron Leach ’22, poses with the fitness records sheet after tying the record for the standing broad jump Monday, January 25.

Cameron Levasseur, Sports Editor

For the third time since the keeping of gym class records began, the mark for the standing broad jump has been tied, this time by Junior Jaron Leach, who jumped nine and a half feet this past Monday. 

“I was very surprised,” Leach said of his accomplishment, “I just didn’t know I was that close. I didn’t know what the record was.”

Although he had just tied the school record, Leach did not seem that impressed with his performance. “I mean, I’m ok (at jumping),” he said. “I could be better.”

Phys ed teacher Dillon Kingsbury, on the other hand, was very impressed. “It’s awesome. It’s great,” he said. “I think it’s great for kids to have that type of incentive to work in the fitness center for and have a goal to try to get to at the end of the year.”

“I told him what he got his first jump,” Kingsbury continued. “And then I went to check the school record and realized that he was an inch away. So I went up to get Mr. Wheaton [the other phys ed teacher] and we came down, did an official jump, and he tied it.”

The last time the record was tied was back in 2008, an event that Kingsbury can still recall, since it was in his days as a student. “It’s been quite some time since that one’s been close (to being broken),” he said. “The last person to tie it was Nnazowa Nnazor, and weirdly enough, he was in my phys ed class back when I was going to school here.”