Who’s the Duo?

Cute Couple Kylie & Owen


Kylie Scott

Kylie and Owen

Molly Irwin, Staff Writer

Q: When was the first time you saw each other, and what were you thinking of each other in that moment?

Kylie: The first time I saw Owen it was at a track practice last school year. He did racewalk, the weirdest looking event, so of course he stood out but he never noticed me. I was in a musical in June and I played the part of Rapunzel, and we took a while to cast Rapunzel’s Prince. When I got back from a family trip they had Rapunzel’s Prince and it was Owen. First thing he said to me was, “So how was your trip?” Then we spent the rest of the four hour long practice joking around. I thought he was nice and cute, and he thought I was shorter and friendlier than he had expected.

Q: Where do you hang out as a couple?

Kylie and Owen: We go to Tim Horton’s a lot because we have a mutual love for coffee and we just sit for sometimes hours just talking to each other and enjoying the company of one another.

Q: What do your parents think about you as a couple?
Kylie: My parents definitely approve of Owen. They think he’s respectful and kind, and I definitely picked a guy worth my time. I feel like his mom likes me. She’s been very kind to me and has always been super sweet even before we started dating. She does call me Kalie a lot though…

Q: What do you most enjoy in each other?
Kylie and Owen: Our favorite thing about each other is mubaffality. No you won’t understand what that means. It’s because it’s something Owen and I made that describes how we are and how we feel about each other.

Q: What are your fights or arguments about?
Kylie and Owen: We’ve been dating for two and a half months and haven’t been in a fight yet, actually.

Q: What is your favorite song to listen to as a couple?
Kylie and Owen: I guess we’re not a stereotypical couple, we don’t have specific song we listen to. We both equally enjoy music, though.

Q: What are your individual goals that you have for yourselves in life?
Kylie: My personal plan is to get into a good college, maybe Husson, and become a physical therapist by the age of 26. Then get a job, and if a family somehow fits itself in my plan to success, then I’m okay with that.

Owen: I want to go to Concordia or RIT for computer science and software.