Students Switch to New Courses on February 1

Katie Bright, Staff Writer

This school year is very different than any other year. Because of COVID there are only four classes each semester instead of seven, and we had to change classes half way through the year. In the semester amount of time, with longer class periods, we had an accelerated way to earn a year’s worth of credit.

We changed classes on February 1, 2021 at the end of semester (or “year”) one. There are positives to this school year. Some of the positives are getting eight credits instead of seven. There is also less homework because you only have four classes a semester and the classes are eighty minutes long so there is more time per class to get work done. Jack Hallett ‘23 said, “It was pretty cool because I got more credits and I got all my work done for the first semester.” 

There are also negatives to this school year. Some of the negatives are having to wear masks all day. Since the classes are longer you have to be sitting for most of the day. “It was very annoying because I got used to my classes in the first semester and then when we switched classes I kept getting lost,” said Rylee Sylvia ‘24. 

“It felt like the start of a new year without summer break” said health teacher Kevin Malenfant.