Humans of PIHS: A History Teacher’s Insights

Lance Albair offers some mid-winter words of advice.


Julianna Morningstar

“I grew up in Caribou, and went to school in Northern Maine. Since I was born and raised here I didn’t have much of a choice to live anywhere else. This is the community I have grown to love,” Lance Albair said.

Julianna Morningstar, Staff Writer

As the long stretch between February break and April break begins, students and teachers start to feel as if the walls are closing in on them. Presque Isle High School social studies teacher, Lance Albair, speaks on his history and his advice for students in these times of uncertainty. 

“As a third year teacher, I have found Presque Isle High School to be a very laid back atmosphere. I like the staff, the students and the administration. I like everything about it, other than the frustrating staff parking issue right now,” said Albair.

Many people enjoy the chill atmosphere of Presque Isle but not everyone’s goals guide them towards staying in this environment long term. 

“I actually want to get my Master’s in Guidance. I don’t know if I want to continue teaching with that or if I want to go into the guidance office or not,” said Albair. “I have a background in that workforce development so I have an idea of how to help people get into colleges.”

Everyone has different passions in life, but not everyone has a passion that is as selfless as Albair’s.

“I guess right now, I am just passionate about my family. Getting my kids raised and through college. That is my focus,” said he said.

People with more life experiences can offer an immense amount of wisdom to students, if the said students were willing to accept the advice is up to them. Mr. Albair has really seen students struggle recently with COVID changes and has advice to offer. 

“Just show up. You don’t have to be the best student, or the hardest worker, but if you show up, you’re going to do well,” said he said. Another piece of advice that he offers is, “My suggestion to any student who has an opportunity to go away from Northern Maine, is to do it because I think there is a lot to experience outside of this area,” and Albair continues to say “You can always come back and settle if you choose to do so.”