Where PIHS Students Want to Live

PIHS students give insight to where they would move if they could.


There are so many places in the United States that PIHS students want to experience.

Katie Bright, Staff Writer

There are a lot of teenagers that live in Maine that don’t want to live, well, here. Some teenagers want to move to a different state or even country. There are many reasons why people want to move away from Maine, but the main one is probably the weather, which is understandable in March. They also might want to move because they want to have different scenery outside of their house that you can’t find in Maine. 

Many other states and countries have what people want where they live, like better stores or a better view from their house. Hailey Marquis, ‘22 said “I want to live in Colorado because I want to live in a cabin on the Rockies on the horizon over a field.”

It could also be because that’s where close family is or it could just be a previous state they’ve lived in and they know they like living there. “I probably would live in Connecticut because it’s where I was born and it’s super fun there,” said Hayley Carter ‘23.

For some it’s more about a perceived different vibe of a location. A lot of states have a different vibe than Maine does. Abby Williams ‘22 said, “I would probably live in New Hampshire because it seems like a really chill place with lots of sights to see.” 

There are a lot of negatives to living in Maine, the biggest one being weather. It gets really cold in the winter and it doesn’t get very hot in the summer. Another negative is that there aren’t many places to shop. There are very few good stores in Maine. There also aren’t many different restaurants, a lot of towns have the same ones. There are also black flies which get really annoying in the summer because you’re trying to enjoy your summer break but it’s hard when you keep getting bitten by black flies. 

Along with the negatives, there are also a lot of positives to Maine. It’s small so there aren’t too many people. It’s a beautiful location with are
sights to see like the mountains and the fields. There also aren’t many bright lights at night so you can go stargazing which is fun for a lot of people. There are also plenty of places to go fishing so the people who like fishing can do what they enjoy.