CTE Show & Tell: Drafting

Drafting students share the favorite parts of their classroom space.


Katie Bright

Left: 3D Printer Right: CNC Milling Machine.

Katie Bright, Staff Writer

There are many tools in Drafting but everyone has their favorites. There are 3D printers, milling machines, and also online programs. Ian MacKinnon ‘21 said, “My favorite tool is the 3D printer because I can create all kinds of cool things and it allows me to prototype the things I designed quickly.” You can make almost anything using a 3D printer.

Noah Roy ‘21 said, “My favorite tool is the CNC milling machine because you can make things like you can with the 3D printer, but you can use metal.” The CNC milling machine can make so many awesome things.

Conner Michaud ‘21 said, “I like Solidworks because it’s a great program, and it’s the canvas that allows me to display my engineering and design skills.” 

There are some people that like to use every tool but still have their favorites. Ian MacKinnon ‘21 said, “There are no tools in drafting I dislike because everything is so cool.” Some people have their dislikes though. Connor Michaud ‘21 said, “Infoworks is my least favorite, because it’s an old program that has too many bugs for me.”