Humans of PIHS: A Runner’s Lifestyle

Ezra Leach ‘22 shares his passion for running.


Julianna Morningstar

“If you go through life with no goals, or by giving up on all of them, then what are you really living for? Set goals, and crush them,” said Ezra Leach ’22.

Julianna Morningstar, Staff Writer

“I’ve traveled along the east coast and I learned that I want to always live in Presque Isle. When I went to Florida in winter my sandals were melting to the sidewalk because it was so hot and sticky. I decided Florida was my least favorite place to be, but I really liked South Carolina because there were palm trees and the weather was neutral. Not too hot but not too cold. Even after visiting all these places I decided that I do not want to be anywhere except Presque Isle, Maine. 

“I love the sports teams Presque Isle has, particularly track and cross country. I have been doing those since 7th grade because I like the comradery. I make a lot of friends, even with the other team because we are all going through the same tiring thing. We are all friendly at meets until we step up to the starting line, then we get competitive toward each other. I like running because I enjoy being outside in general. I like that running doesn’t have a lot of thinking involved. You can focus on yourself and it can help you get all of your stress of anger out. I run even in the long winter times because I have ice picks for my shoes. That’s what you have to do if you are a runner in Northern Maine.

“I have a dream of being a sports physical therapist when I am older. I am planning on going to UMPI to get my associates degree. From there I will probably go somewhere else but I haven’t decided where yet. 

“Don’t give up on your goals and dreams. Those are something that you have to hold on to, or else life can be kinda boring and pointless.”