PIHS Insights to the COVID Vaccine

Teachers and students give their thoughts on the new COVID vaccines

Katie Bright, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a struggle for most people, but the vaccine is finally here and now available to people sixteen and older. Some people don’t plan on getting it for many reasons. Allison Gardiner ‘22 said, “I’m not planning on getting the vaccine because I don’t feel safe doing so. They pushed it out so fast, but there are other things that have been here for years that they can’t find a cure for. I just don’t trust it.”

There are also some people who would like to get the vaccine if they haven’t yet. Abigayle Williams ‘22 said, “I would like to get the vaccine, I haven’t planned to get it yet though. I feel that the vaccine is an amazing opportunity to help stop the spread of COVID. The vaccine is scientifically made so I trust it.” 

There are also people who have gotten the vaccine. Science teacher Mr. Kirby said, “I have gotten the vaccine. I only got symptoms the day after and it was only for half of the day. They were only minor symptoms.”

Everyone that got the vaccine had different symptoms. JMG teacher Mrs. Hitchcock said, “I was pretty sick the day after and I couldn’t move my arm, but it only lasted 24 hours and then I felt fine.”

Some people haven’t decided if they want to get the vaccine or not. Phys Ed teacher Mr. Kingsbury said, “I am undecided, I don’t know if I want to get it yet.”

As of April 30, Maine has the highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated with 517,435 people fully vaccinated which is 38.49 percent of Maine’s population.