Retrospective on Retirement

After 42 years of dedication to PIHS, Mrs. Maxine Maynard talks about her PIHS past and her retirement future.


Mel Junkins

“A big part of my personality is being involved with everyone. Some might call it nosy, but that’s really unfair,” laughed Maxine Maynard.

Julianna Morningstar, Staff Writer

“I come from a long line of County people. The unity and family here at Presque Isle High School is my favorite part about the school. I have been here for 42 years, and my job title is actually Administrative Secretary/High School Library Manager. I am excited to get away from the schedule, but I don’t think I will be able to do it. After 42 years of being on this regimen I know it is going to be so hard to put that aside. Through this whole retirement process I have gotten so much attention, and I am not used to it. I have more attention already than I’ve had in 42 years, so it is hard to adjust to. I’m so appreciative of everyone.

“I enjoyed weight lifting way back when, as it gave me involvement with the kids. Clear back in the early 80’s, I taught in the weight room for 20 something years. I loved it. I was there after school five days a week, then I went on to teach weightlifting for adult ed. So I was here day and night. I really loved it. I had a lot of muscles when I was young. The kids wanted to be there. I remember so many people would come in and say ‘Where’s the man in charge?’ You have no idea how many times I heard that. I would say, ‘Well, I am in charge. Will that be okay?’ They would just look at me, like, ‘you probably have no idea what you’re talking about.’ As soon as they got involved and took the opportunity to listen, they realized I could probably do a pretty good job. Weight training makes you feel powerful. I don’t really know why, but there is something about it. 

“I want to travel, not too much because I am a homebody. I’m looking at Hawaii as my one big trip with my husband. Beyond that, I want to be totally involved with my grandkids in their schooling, and all their sports. I am not going to miss any sports event. I might even get involved with their school. 

“I absolutely love gardening and reading. That is as far as I have gotten for hobbies, but I’m open to finding a third one. In fact, that will be my goal. I’ll find a new hobby that I have never been able to participate in, because I have a lot of hours of the day to fill, and I am sure people will help me fill those hours. Being home all day long would be scary for someone like me. I have never had that opportunity. 

“I loved being a Harley babe. My husband and I had Harley’s and we motorcycled 24/7 and went all over the place, and I loved it. I do love dressing in motorcycle leathers and getting right out there. But more than anything else I love the noise. We used to go to Prince Edward Island, Vermont, many times, New Hampshire. That is a lot of miles, not nearly as much as others do but that was enough for us. 

“I like to think that people will remember that I cared about everybody and everything, and that I worked as hard as I could to turn kids onto books.”